CyberLux is a web based conference and exhibition on light and lighting. With this service, ERGONOMIC Institute Berlin maintains a living information base on all aspects of light related to human life. All persons, companies or associations interested in lighting are cordially invited to participate.

CyberLux comprises five forums which accept submissions of new articles or comments on existing papers. There are parallel forums in English and German. Each forum will be guided by a Convenor who is responsible for the papers but not for the comments. However, comments of offensive nature will be removed by the Administrator.

CyberLux is free for users. Registration is required for users who wish to submit papers or comments. Rules, policies and disclaimers will be presented and must be agreed before a user is allowed to register. Direct contact with the Institute without registration is always possible. All users agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by them. They are responsible for links to other sites in the submitted material.

CyberLux the linked sites: The webmaster of expressly declares that he has no influence on design and content of the linked sites. Therefore he dissociates from all linked sites of this homepage and does not appropriate the contents.

CyberLux refresh period: The papers published in CyberLux will not be updated without changing the date of publication. Thus, they can be cited similar to printed publications. Authors are denied access to their papers without prior permission by the Webmaster who will correct the date of publication if a paper is updated.

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